Travel Award

In the spirit of dedication to the growth of young scientists embodied by Dr. Douglas D. Randall throughout his life, the Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund provides travel awards to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Missouri who are conducting faculty-directed life sciences research as a member of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Comparative Medicine Program, the Division of Biological Sciences, or the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.

Recipients may use the award for conference or meeting travel, training workshops or courses, specialized training, or off-campus research opportunities. Awards will not be given to support activities to collect data.


Award sizes may vary but are generally around $500.

Awards will not be made retroactively. The recipient must not have completed the travel prior to the award announcement date.

Awards can cover travel (airfare, mileage, vehicle rental, mass transit), lodging, meal, and conference/meeting fees. Awards will be dispensed as reimbursements after recipients have submitted required documents and travel receipts through the University of Missouri’s electronic travel reimbursement system (T&E).


Please download and complete the application form and submit it with a copy of your CV to by the dates and times listed below.

Applications are due Awards are announced
Second Monday in September, 5:00 PM First Monday in October
Second Monday in December, 5:00 PM First Monday in February
Second Monday in March, 5:00 PM First Monday in April

Applications will not be accepted or reviewed if: