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Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund

In the spirit of dedication to the growth of young scientists embodied by Dr. Douglas D. Randall throughout his life, the Douglas D. Randall Young Scientists Development Fund provides travel awards to students and postdoctoral fellows studying life sciences. 

Award Criteria

The travel scholarships are awarded to graduate students, postdoctoral associates, undergraduate students, and research scientists who are members of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group, the College of Veterinary Medicine, Comparative Medicine, Biological Sciences, or the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources and who are performing research in the life sciences.

Awards are granted for conference or meeting travel, training workshops or courses, specialized training, or off-campus research opportunities.  

Awards will not be given for research activities that have occurred in the past (i.e., before the application due date). Awards also will not be given to support activities to collect data. 


Award sizes may vary but are generally around $500. 

Awards can cover travel (airfare, mileage, vehicle rental, mass transit), lodging, and conference fees. Travel for research (for example, to gather data in another state or learn a technique in another lab) is allowable.

Awards will be dispensed as reimbursements after recipients have submitted required documents and travel receipts. MU policy requires receipts for reimbursement and will not reimburse for expenses incurred greater than 60 days in the past.


Complete and submit the application form by the dates and times listed below. By submitting an application, applicants verify that they are registered for the conference, meeting, or training workshop.

Applications are due     Awards are announced 
Second Monday in September, 5:00 PM     First Monday in October
Second Monday in December, 5:00 PM     First Monday in February
Second Monday in March, 5:00 PM     First Monday in April







Travel Grant Electronic Application Form:

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 Undergraduate Student
 Graduate Student
 Postdoctoral Fellow
 Research Scientist
To determine your eligibility for this travel award, please indicate which of the following programs/units you are a member of: *
 Interdisciplinary Plant Group
 College of Veterinary Medicine
 Comparative Medicine
 Biological Sciences
 College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Name and Location of Conference, Training, Workshop, or Research Activity
Travel Dates
Type of presentation (oral, poster, etc.)
Title of Presentation *
Previous meetings attended, year, title/type of presentation (if any)
Description of presentation or research activity (300 word max. Please describe your presentation or activity in terms that someone who is not an expert in your field can understand. If awarded, this description will appear on this website.)
How will this meeting/activity benefit you? (200 words)
What other funds will you use to cover the cost of this activity? Indicate any other travel grants you have or will apply for to cover expenses as well as the dollar amount your advisor will be contributing to this activity. The Committee will look more favorably upon applications that show attempts to secure multiple sources of funding and that have committed advisor support.
Do you have any fellowship or grant money available for travel?
If you are funded by a fellowship or grant, which one (who is the funding agency)? Please also list dollar amount available for travel.
Have you applied for any travel awards from the society or conference you are attending? If not, why not?
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