October 2011

  • Arwa Mohammad, Biological Sciences, Undergraduate Student, Poster, Society for Neuroscience, Washington D.C., November 11-14, Signaling pathways for cytokine-induced filopodium production in microglia cells
  • Kehua Wang, Plant Sciences, Postdoctoral Fellow, Oral, 2011 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meetings, San Antonio, TX, USA, Oct. 16-Oct.19, 2011, Ethylene Productions in Relation to Drought Tolerance of Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)
  • Jessica Burroughs, Biological Sciences, Graduate Student, Poster, Washington DC, November 12-16, A requirement for Gbx1 in normal locomotion
  • Mingtao Zhao, Animal Sciences, Graduate Student, Oral, International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Annual Meeting 2012, Phoenix,AZ, Jan 7-10, 2012, The in vivo developmental potential of porcine skin-derived progenitors (SKPs)

April 2011

  • Nathan T. Johnson, Veterinary Pathobiology; Genetics Area Program, Graduate Student, Workshop, 2011 Intermediate/ Advance Level Workshop, June 6-14 2011,
  • Tabitha Finch, Division of Biological Sciences, Graduate Student, poster, 2011 Ecological Society of America Conference, August 7-12, 2011, A Mitogenomic Analysis of the Phylogeny and Adaptive Evolution of the African Elephant
  • Marc Libault, Plant Sciences, Research Scientist, poster, “2011 Model Legume Congress”, Sainte Maxime, France, May15-May19, The membrane raft-associated protein GmFWL1 is a key regulator of soybean nodulation.
  • Emma M. Jinks, Animal Sciences, Graduate Student, Poster, Society for the Study of Reproduction, Portland, Oregon, July 31 – August 4, Effect of ovulatory follicle size and estradiol supplementation during the preovulatory period on pregnancy rates in postpartum beef cows

February 2011

  • Emily Rigden, OB/GYN Research, Undergraduate Student, poster, Society for Gynecological Investigations, Miami, FL, March 16-19, 2011, The Pattern of Peri-Ovulatory Ovarian Thecal Cell TIMP-1 Protein Localization, but not TIMP-1 mRNA levels, in a Rat Model for Endometriosis Differs Significantly from Controls: a Mechanism for Reduced Ovulation in Endometriosis?
  • Xavier Revelo, Division of Animal Sciences, Graduate Student, Oral and poster, Experimental Biology 2011 Meeting, April 9-13 2011, Neutrophils harvested from the blood of dairy cows have impaired reactive oxygen species production and release of extracellular traps during the periparturient period
  • Megan M. Rolf, Genetics Area Program, Graduate Student, Poster, Gordon Research Conference in Quantitative Genetics and Genomics, Galveston, TX, February 20-25, 2011, Exploration of methods to separate training and testing populations for genomic selection in crossbred and purebred beef cattle populations